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The Venture of 1620

The Venture of 1620


The Venture of 1620 is the historically accurate depiction of the Pilgrims and their harrowing flight across the Atlantic to reach the New World and gain their religious freedom.


The telling of this true story is even more important to tell than ever before as “revisionist history” is now common place in most educational institutions and our true godly history is being eroded. Just as the Pilgrims had to fight against the error and misinformation of their day, we now find ourselves in a similar struggle to maintain and propagate the truth. If we fail to remember, honor, and build on the biblical and moral foundation of our country, we will soon lose all morality, and thus lose all freedom.

  • Run Time

    2.5-3 Hours

  • Characters

    Total: 57+
       Female: 21
       Male: 36

  • Classification

    Dramatic, Historical

    Director Level: Advanced

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