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Written by Dr. Nicky Chavers, founder & president of The Academy of Arts Ministries copyright 2009


Foreword (from inside the cover) “Because of the biased concept that many Christians have concerning drama, and because the devil and the world have corrupted it, fundamental Christians have missed the emphasis on drama in the Bible and have been way behind in using its power for communicating the truth of the Word of God. No one is more talented or better qualified than Dr. Nicky Chavers for Making the Bible Come Alive, and he and his wife, Sheri, through the Academy of Arts, have been doing just that since 1971. By writing and producing drama that is faithful to the Word of God and then inculcating the Biblical philosophy that underlies their dramas into those who have served with them, the Chavers have provided Bible-believing churches and Christian schools with tools that instill Biblical principles in hearts, win souls to Christ, and change lives for the glory of God.”

-Dr. Frank Garlock President, Majesty Music Greenville, SC

The Value of Biblical Drama

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