The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian (Show in a Box)

The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian (Show in a Box)


This Show in a Box features:

  • Teacher/Director Guidebook
    The Teacher/Director Guidebook offers step-by-step set construction instructions, costume and makeup references for each character, a Master Prop List with photos, a full prompt book with scene-by-scene blocking suggestions, and a character list with casting hints for each character.
  • Scripts
  • Online access to the production Soundtrack and Sound cue script
  • Devotional Study
  • Access to view the live production on stage at the Logos Theatre
  • Lighting Script
  • 24/7 access to The Director Hub (unlimited video and training resource)
  • 3-month FREE membership to The Director’s Guild (unlimited resource for questions and discussions with Directors, Department Heads, and Production Staff)


*Cost listed above does NOT account for royalties for each performance.

Royalties for this Show in a Box™ are paid in two parts to Nicky Chavers Publications and the C.S. Lewis Company. Royalty fees for each are listed below:

- NC Publications: $90/show OR 5% ticket sales

- C.S. Lewis Company: Must contact for a custom royalty amount based on performances/ticket sales. (May vary, but you may expect between 7-10% of ticket sales/performance, or calculated per performance royalty based on a free showing).


All Show in a Box materials act as a rental and must be returned following the completion of the show. Digital Show in a Box resources available on request. Customer pays for return shipping for all physical Show in a Box kits.