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This curriculum is a companion guide to The Value of Biblical Drama, a Biblical philosophy of the arts written by Dr. Nicky Chavers. It is designed to provide the groundwork for your student to explore the many dramatic elements used throughout the Bible and by Christ Himself and to help them establish a Biblical worldview of the arts.



  • An in-depth look at the dramatic elements of theatre and their use throughout Scripture.
  • Communicative elements used by Christ in Scripture to deliver His message.
  • An interactive study guide to prompt their ability to craft a drama with a Biblical purpose. 
  • Thought-provoking concepts demonstrating the value of the dramatic elments in communicating the Gospel. 
  • A prompting throughout the course to help them determine a Biblical worldview of the arts and communication



  • The Value of Biblical Drama Book (88 pages)
  • Companion Workbook of 48 lessons
  • Lesson Plan for one semester (16 weeks) OR one school year (32 weeks)


This curriculum can be used as a philosophy, Bible, and Arts Curriculum for high school students, Grades 9-12.


For multiple children taking the course, or to repeat the course the following year, you may choose to purchase just the workbook.

*You may only purchase the workbook with proof of receipt that you have previously purchased the full curriculum.


Philosophy of a Biblical Worldview of the Arts High School Curriculum

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