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Through a deep-rooted family division, Joseph experiences the ultimate betrayal and rejection by his brothers as he is sold as a slave in Egypt. From intense accusations and wrongful imprisonment to rectification and promotion to second in command of all of Egypt, Joseph refuses to waiver his trust from the Almighty. As famine ravages the land and thebrothers are forced to go to Egyptfor food, they are brought face to face with their own brother,and Joseph must choose to bring judgment down upon them, or offer the ultimate act of forgiveness for their betrayal.

God Meant it for Good

  • Full: 1.5-2 hours
    Cutting: 6-9 minutes

    *Due to it's size and nature, God Meant it for Good is unavailable in an abridged format. For specific cutting requests or part additions, please reach out to our writing team via chat!

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