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5 Tips for Casting

Updated: Feb 1

We asked The Logos Theatre Artistic Director, Nicole Stratton, about her top tips for a successful audition and casting process. Here are the top FIVE tips for auditions that have served her well:

1: Begin with introducing yourself, any staff or volunteers helping with the play, and share your heart for the story you are going to be telling. A unified heart and purpose helps your cast so much!

2: Let them know that nerves are normal in auditions but advise them to just turn those nerves into energy. Let them know what you are looking for: clarity, volume, honest reactions etc

3: Let them know that there may be times when you direct them some to see how they adjust and to try different interp with them. Let them know this is normal and to just try and hear and apply the direction to their performance.

4: Let them know any pronunciation of names or places that might be strange so they don’t say them wrong and get embarrassed.

5: Share a verse, pray and then begin.

Note: I always begin with the ones I feel are the strongest and most confident to give everyone else a good idea of the potential of the scene.

I try to never allow the ones watching to react to the ones acting in such a way that puts them down or makes them feel embarrassed.

I try to always keep the room respectful and focused on the ones auditioning.

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