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  • Have a question that you still need answered?
    The most easiest and effecient way to contact is is through email (, where we aim to reply back within 48 hours.
  • Can I return my scripts?
    We do not accept returns or offer refunds on playbooks, manuscript, or digital script purchases.
  • When will my order be shipped?
    In most circumstances, orders are shipped out the same day, provided we can process the order by 2:00pm central time and the items are in stock. Orders with music can sometimes take an additional day to process. Orders received and processed after 10:00am central time will be shipped the next day.
  • Can I videotape or make and archival recording of my production?
    Some of our titles are available for archival recording without a special request. Others require the authors approval. Please call or email your request and we will let you know what is required for the title you are performing.
  • Can I post video clips on my theatre’s website and/or social media accounts?
    No, performance video clips can not be posted on websites and social media accounts unless permission is granted by The Logos Theatre.
  • What is a cutting?
    Dramatic Publishing defines a cutting as a removal of entire pages or scenes from the script.The remaining material must be performed in its original order, with no character or gender changes. All cuttings require approval and issuance of a cutting license.
  • Can I make minor changes to the script such as removing bad language, changing genders, or changing the setting of the play?
    Dramatic Publishing considers these types of changes as special permissions. Any changes to a script require written permission from Dramatic Publishing. Please visit our Cuttings and Special Permissions 101 page for complete details.
  • Can we use the artwork on the script cover or create our own artwork for promotional purposes?
    Use of script artwork is reviewed on a case by case basis. Please contact Dramatic Publishing to inquire about use of artwork for a specific title. Yes, you may create your own artwork to promote your production. However, please be sure to understand and abide by all copyright laws if you plan to use artwork created by another artist.
  • How can I submit photos from my production for possible use in Dramatic Publishing’s promotional materials?
    Please email high-resolution photos from your production to our customer service department and include the following information: Title of the play or musical Date of the performance Name and address of the producing organization Actors’ names as they appear from left to right. If there are more than five actors pictured, names are not necessary. Recipients of the photos/artwork constitutes permission to use unless the photos are taken by a professional photographer, in which case you will need to secure permission for unlimited use from the photographer. Please not that photos/artwork mailed to us will not be returned.
  • Can I make photocopies of the script?
    Copying of materials is strictly prohibited unless permission is granted by the Logos Theatre. For manuscript titles, customers will be issued a permission to copy form and granted permission to make a specific number of copies. For digital scripts, you will be granted permission to distribute the specific number of copies purchased. Authors earn their living from the royalties they receive from book sales and from the performance of their work. Conscientious observance of copyright law is not only ethical, it encourages authors to continue their creative work. Federal law provides severe civil and criminal penalties for the unauthorized alteration, reproduction, distribution, or exhibition of copyrighted materials.
  • What is a logo pack?
    Our Logo Packs will make promoting your show a breeze! Logo Packs are downloadable graphic elements that can be used to help create materials to promote your production. The graphics can be used on marketing materials such as posters, flyers, programs, social media, emails and t-shirts. Each Logo Pack ($50.00) includes: Logo in color (PNG, JPEG, and PDF formats) Logo in black/white (PNG, JPEG, and PDF formats) Social media graphics- one square graphic and one Facebook cover image (JPEG format) Editable 11x17” poster (PDF format) Up to three additional graphic elements (PNG, JPEG, and PDF formats) All Logo Pack images are inspired by the cover image on the playbook.
  • Do we have to pay royalties for school competition performances?
    If we are performing before an audience whose members are not a part of your acting class or drama troupe, whether or not admission is charged, then it is subject to royalties. Titles that are cut for competition time limits are offered at a reduced royalty rate. Competition cuttings of less than 10 minutes generally do not require that royalties be paid. Please complete a royalty application to receive a quote specific to your situation.
  • What is your submissions policy?
    Dramatic Publishing has an open submissions policy and we are always interested in receiving new plays to consider for publication. Please visit our Submissions policy page to view complete details.
  • Can I reschedule/postpone my production?
    We are able to reschedule or postpone performances for the vast majority of our titles. Our licensing departments will have to check the availability of rights in your geographical area for any restricted titles. Please contact our customer service department by phone at or by email at to make changes to your performance dates. Productions can be postponed until further notice if you have not yet selected your new performance dates. Royalty fees previously paid will be applied to the rescheduled production.
  • Can I return my scripts?
    We do not accept returns or offer refunds on playbooks, manuscript, or digital purchases.
  • Do I need to purchase a cast quantity of scripts if I purchase a digital script?
    Yes, a digital script must be purchased for each intended recipient. A cast quantity of either physical or digital scripts is a requirement of both live productions and streamed productions. Digital scripts cannot be shared or distributed without permission. For a list of titles that are currently available digitally, click here. If you don’t see a particular title you are looking for in this list, complete this brief Digital Script Request Form.
  • Which titles have digital scripts available?
    We now have many scripts available in a digital format for perusal, classroom, and performance use. This is a new feature, and we are adding more scripts to this category on a regular basis. For a list of titles that are currently available digitally, click here. If you don’t see a particular title you are looking for in this list, please complete this brief Digital Script Request Form.
  • I lost my copy of my digital script. Can you email me a new one?
    You may download a copy of our digital script from your online account at any time.
  • What is the difference between “livestreamed” and “recorded and streamed”?
    “Livestreamed” refers to performances that are streamed online simultaneously as the actors are performing. “Recorded and streamed” refers to performances that are pre-recorded or make use of an archival video, and are then played back for an audience. Each performance type requires a different set of permissions. Therefore, permissions for “recorded streamed” productions may not be available even if our website indicates that “livestream” rights are available.
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